Want Results? Don’t Focus On Them

push up

This is the look of a woman who clearly is focused on what it will take to reach her goals.

Did I lose weight yet? Aw man, I weigh the same!! But, I just walked briskly for fifteen minutes on a treadmill while talking on the phone!!!

I don’t feel different. I ate a leaf of spinach for lunch and I don’t feel any healthier. Nutrition is hard.

How come I’m not buff yet? I lifted last month! Lifting doesn’t work!!

Being inspired by a goal is great. Picturing yourself with more energy throughout the day, to tackle life’s challenges, is exciting. It’s fun picturing how proud you will be during the summer to show off that beach body you have been working so hard on. These things can add fuel to the fire that so helps us reach our goals. However, in order to actually reach these goals, most of our attention must be paid to the process. If you worry more about the outcome you want than how you plan on reaching that outcome, there is a problem. Attention must be paid to clearly laying out, executing and periodically evaluating a specific plan of action.

If you really want to reach a goal, focus on what it’s going to take to get there. This way of thinking can be applied to any goal. However, I’ll break it down in fitness terms. Say your goal is to lean out a bit more. You would spend time on educating yourself on what kinds of fitness programs make it more likely to get more lean. Read articles, talk to fitness professionals, listen to fitness personality interviews. Yes, it can feel overwhelming with the amount of information out there. But you need to start somewhere! The more you learn, the more you can hone in on strategies to reach your goal. Once you  have a safe and effective plan; go for it! Focus on the task at hand. Yes, the overall goal is going to be great, but put that on the back burner for now.

What will you need to do TODAY, to get you closer to your goal? What little tweaks can you make to your day, to make sure the day was conducive to your goals? Maybe it’s making sure that you put everything you had into that workout. Maybe it’s a little bit of time spent doing research on a new exercise program you want to try. Maybe it’s spending a few minutes to evaluate how you feel (how you’re eating, what you’re eating, what your workout is like). Maybe it’s writing down what you could have done better today, and will adjust tomorrow.

Instead of constantly checking how close you are to your final goal, focus on the process. If you commit to (sound) hard work, you’ll get results.

Your mentality about fitness, makes all the difference.

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